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Treasurer and Public Trustee
Morgan County, Colorado

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Effective February 28, 2018,
Morgan County introduced a new web site,
All of the information on this web site is
available on the Morgan County website by navigating to the Treasurer and Public Trustee
pages under Elected Officials.
(www.mctre,org will only be
maintained for a little while longer.)


Robert "Bob" Sagel is the elected Treasurer of Morgan County.  Pursuant to Colorado law, he also serves as the Public Trustee.  

As County Treasurer, Bob is responsible for the collection and distribution of property taxes and the investment and reconciliation of all county funds.   

As Public Trustee, Bob is responsible for executing Releases of Deeds of Trust and handling Foreclosures. 

Bob and his staff are dedicated to providing efficient and courteous service to the taxpayers of  Morgan County.  We hope you find the information on this web site helpful. 

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact our office.